Endel: The Magic Sleep App

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3 min readJun 14, 2022

Advice from yours truly — Sleeping Beauty…

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Trouble sleeping?

Do you struggle to get to sleep some nights? Tossing and turning every few minutes, thoughts creeping into your mind and racing around and around until you finally drift off?

Maybe it takes 30 minutes, or an hour or longer. Especially when you have something important to do the next day. Maybe it’s your first day at your new job, or you have a red-eye flight to catch in the early hours. Whatever it is, we’ve all been there before, wide awake until the early hours, begging our brains to switch off for the night.

My Favourite Sleep App

Even if you don’t have problems sleeping, I have the perfect suggestion to ensure that you get the perfect night’s sleep every single night.

I have been raving about this app to all of my friends and family because it’s incredible!

It’s called Endel.

Endel is a soundscape app, you can choose to play the ‘Sleep’ option and it will play soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. You can leave the app running all night long, or you can choose to set a timer for how long you want it to play.

I use Endel primarily for sleeping, but it has a variety of soundscapes that you can choose from, including ‘Move’, ‘Relax’, ‘Focus’, ‘Recovery’ and more.

The Science of Endel

Endel says: “Sound has a direct impact on our physical and mental well-being. It has the power to affect our sleep, mood, concentration levels, blood pressure, and more.”

“Endel takes everything we know about sound and combines it with cutting-edge technology. The result is real-time, personalized soundscapes, designed to help you relax, focus, and sleep.”

Endel soundscapes stay in tune with you by reacting to your natural rhythm, physical state and environment. Endel reacts to natural light and weather, motion and heart rate.


The way I use Endel is completely free!

With the Freemium version of Endel, you get access to the ‘Relax’, ‘Focus’, ‘Move’ and ‘Sleep’ soundscapes.